Aestrella Shanfarel

Grand Diva of the Royal Opera House of Greyhawk


Bard 20

Age: 1700
Height: 5’0
Weight: 130 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Race: Greyhawk Dragon


AestrellaAestrella Shanfarel maintains her disguise as a half-elf diva, loving the endless attention she receives from literally hundreds of adoring males. If she wants a favor from a male, she charms him. She has a secret agenda to undo the forces of chaos and evil in the city, but she does this in an unofficial capacity. Having carefully read the legal code for the city, she uses her spell powers to identify evildoers, then quietly arranges situations that lead to the discovery of their plots and guilt.

The City Watch has recieved tips from her (messages either mailed in secret or dropped off at Watch Houses), but the Watch does not know the identity of the person sending the notes. Her cover was almost discovered several times by corrupt officials trying to catch her. No one knows she’s a dragon. She knows Mizaab Zalen (the only other Greyhawk dragon usually in the city), but she hasn’t seen him in years. This doesn’t concern her, as Mizaab always comes and goes as he pleases. She seems to live at either the Royal Opera House or the Grand Theater, as she works at both; she rarely seems to sleep.

Aestrella Shanfarel

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