Artificial being who seems far less artificial than most around him


Age: ???
Height: 5’9
Weight: 51
Eyes: one magical mechanical eye
Hair: none
Skin: Burlap like material
Ethnicity: none
Class: Mage
Day Job: Scribe and Scholar with a Sagelike knowledge of minerals and mining
Worships: Boccob, Aislin, Zagyg, Muryland and Garl
Weapons: Magic and weighted chords
Homeland: None but lives in Greyhawk City
Alignment: NG


Vvderr Bannik knows it is old, but not how old. It knows it has a purpose but not what it is. Somehow, it can learn and do magic at an amazing level of proficiency. In essence it is an animated doll with a type of skeleton and a power source. What these are, he does not share readily.

Bannik is lonely, and good. It wants only to help people, but even in this strange new world of steam and magic it is an anomaly. Elves tend to view it as an abomination. Humans fear it. Dwarves discount it. Only gnomes and halflings and the human family that found it treat it with a degree of respect. In fact it is among these two races it has spent the most time. Bannik remembers bits and pieces of 300 years of life, but it can not say if it lived it or remembers it because it learned it. At times its perceptions work that way…he learns something and it is like a memory being recalled. Because of that Bannik can not say how old it is.

What is certain is that it remembers 40 years of life perfectly and consecutively after being pulled from the Nyr Dyv by some fishermen in Dawnbay in 897 CY.

Bannik believes it has a purpose but has no idea what it could be. Only that it very well may lead to more loneliness.


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