Cylindal Bluesteel

Battle Cleric of Odin


Age: 24
Height: 5’9
Weight: 150
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
Skin: Pale
Ethnicity: Frost Barbarian
Worships: Odin
Homeland: Frost Barbarian Lands
Class: Battle Cleric of Odin


GrgrgrrCylindal, her father King Rodas and her infant brother Villius were away when her sister went mad. Her father can not leave his lands, her brother is young…so it is up to Cylindal, a Battle Cleric of Odin, to stop her. But first she must find out her plans.

It would not be good to kill her only to lose later at the hands of unseen allies or machinations. But she will hunt her sister to the ends of the world and beyond. She will not escape. That is all moot however, she knows her sister is not running. She is waiting and planning. This battle will come and one of them will die.

Odin has blessed her with unique powers and seems to have a mission for her aside from her one of vengeance. She will follow the will of the Allfather. She will have her revenge. And she prays she does not have to choose between those to things…because she does not know what she would choose.

Cylindal Bluesteel

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