Drachenus Bluesteel

Battle Maiden of Hel


Age: 23
Height: 5’9
Weight: 140
Eyes: Blue when not glowing
Hair: Brown
Skin: Pale
Ethnicity: Frost Barbarian
Class: Battle Maiden of Hel
Worships: Hel
Weapons: Axes
Homeland: Land of the Frost Barbarians
Alignment: NE


RrtrtrthhhThe Bluesteel blood is the blood of heroes. But not always. At times it can produce people who are like forces of nature. Sometimes those people contain themselves within a code of honor and do the world a favor. And sometimes they do not. When they do not the world has Drachenus Bluesteel.

All fall before The Lady of the Winter World and Drachenus is her hand. The Lady does not look beyond the dead except for rare occasions. Drachenus will make her look by filling this world with corpses. Then she will look. Then she will love and praise her. Hel was unjustly imprisoned, just as Drachenus feels she was unjustly judged insane by her family for killing her mother and oldest sister before they stopped her. She was simply giving them peace and escape from a decaying world and sending them to a goddess who looks after her people.

She violently hates clerics of Odin, who think they are so wise. Who think that they can take souls from Hel. She will bring the world to its knees. She has been in counsel with Dragons and knows what is coming. She will bath the world in blood. And then her goddess will notice her in more than passing. She will love her.

Her father, young brother and" other sister were away when she killed the rest of the family and household. Originally she was upset by this. But she has come to see it as a blessing…one must have goals.

Drachenus Bluesteel

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