Elizabeth Rhola (The Hand of Chance)

The 12th Hand of Chance


Age: 22
Height: 5’7
Weight: 143
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Skin: Pale
Ethnicity: Suel
Class: Monk/Alchemist
Day Job: Librarian
Worships: Dalt/Simon
Weapons: Hands and Feet, Projectile
Homeland: Greyhawk City


GerggElizabeth Rhola is the eleven times great granddaughter of William Rhola, the original Hand of Chance. She continues the family tradition that began with William’s impulsive decision and his brother’s grudging approval. But there is no denying the impact for good the Hand of Chance has had for over 300 years.

Criminals for over three centuries would give much to know who the hand is and why the office has been occupied without fail for all that time.

The most recent hand is Elizabeth Rhola, a librarian who helps take care of her younger brother Simon. No one would suspect that the Assistant head of Folklore studies at the Library of Greyhawk is the Hand of Chance. In fact, in the last 300 years Elizabeth is the most unlikely person to hold the position of Hand.

She loves both facets of her life, but also knows that one day Simon will take over for her and she is essentially filling in until then. But until that day she is, arguably, the best detective who has even been the Hand of Chance. Her research skills and her alchemy, combine with her experience as a monk, make her a far deadlier and more efficient hero than her recent predecessors.

Those predecessors would be her father and grandfather, who both died as the hand and left the other to take over far too young. She will not let this happen to Simon. Simon will get full training and be ready to be the best hand ever.

The Rhola family is extremely wealthy and Elizabeth is sought after for many society functions. Her friends find her insistence on having a job to be cute. She finds it necessary. Without the Great Library of Greyhawk she feels that she would lose balance. An aristocrat fighting crime with nothing to ground them can lead to unrealistic actions that result in death. The example of her father and grandfather show this. They did much good but died too early.

Her mother and two servants know of her double life and help prepare Simon for one day taking over.

Elizabeth Rhola (The Hand of Chance)

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