Hollowfasutian Engineer and Cleric of Nerull


Age: 18
Height: 5’5
Weight: 115
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown… most of the time
Skin: Olive
Ethnicity: Flan
Class: Cleric
Worships: Nerull the Nightfather
Homeland: Hollowfaust
Al: LG
Birthday: unknown


JkjkEve’s earliest memory involves a lich carrying her back to her room in the Underfaust because he’d found her playing with the ghouls in cold storage again. Undead flock to her, and not because of the typical leak of negative energy. They like her. Even intelligent undead find it hard to ignore her charm. She would have been a lock for the Animators Society if it wasn’t so obvious that she wasn’t casting a spell to raise the dead as much as she was telling them to get up.

The Followers recognized a cleric when they saw one and she was quickly apprenticed into the guild. Except that no one seemed a good fit. The guild passed her from master to master, expanding her knowledge and hoping she would ‘click’ with someone. Exhausting that option, she was taken to the churches of gods not worshiped among the Followers. And while they struck out at every one, she did meet Lucian Grayshadow, a rather curious paladin, and the son of a guildsman, at the Church of Pelor. They became romantically involved with Lucian occasionally abusing his retainer status to see Eve in the Underfaust.

After two years of fruitless searching, Eve was taken to a cleric of Istus. He handed Eve a holy symbol of the Night Father and everything finally clicked. For the first time, Eve felt like she had a solid place in the Underfaust and a real mission. But she doesn’t know how to tell Lucian and she fears losing his affection. She writes him often from her journeyman’s traveling, but she hopes he’ll fall for someone else while she’s away so she won’t ever have to face him. His recent lack of responses fills her with a terrifying anguish. She keeps a picture of him in a locket around her neck and plays with it absentmindedly.

Eve is calm and nothing ever seems to shake that calm, but deep within her is that tiny bit of chaos that Nerull leaves in his children. She doesn’t have many buttons, but pushing one brings out a sudden change in her personality, and she reacts without thinking. Every time it happens her hair turns green, reflecting her god’s unaltered appearance, and every time the color remains a bit longer before returning to her natural brown.


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