Grendelstomp Heartbreaker

Gnome Pirate and Ladies Man


Age: 225
Weight: 70
Eyes: Purple
Hair: Purple
Skin: Ruddy
Ethnicity: Gnome
Class: Fighter, Giant Slayer
Profession: Sailor
Worships: Garl Glittergold
Weapons: Daggers, Ropes and hooks
Homeland: Stark Mounds
Alignment: NG


GnmeTall for a gnome, Stomp…as his friends call him is a sailor and giant slayer. He can slay the giants of land but his true joy is slaying the giant evil sea creatures. His second joy…is the ladies. What Stomp lacks in height he makes up for in swagger. Equally capable of delivering a perfect sonnet or a corny line that will get him slapped; he considers himself a ladies man. And to some extent he would be right. He confines his serious attention to gnome ladies, occasional halflings and short elves. For the rest he has a kind word and occasional inappropriate comment. In the end it all comes down to the fact that Stomp is all about beauty. Which is why he loves the oceans and rivers of the world. He sees more beauty in then than anything. When asked once why he just does not make his romantic move on the ocean and be done with it he replied seriously, “Some ladies are too grand.”

Oddly enough the last name heartbreaker was not earned by his romantic exploits…but from how he often kills giants: By crawling into their chests and..well; the rest is obvious.

Life is the great game to him. It is to be lived with joy and joy brought to others. He has the highest drinking tolerance of any gnome ever known and is often challenged to contests. He is skilled at the natural illusions of his people but at heart he is a fighter, and at times…not a half bad poet. Like a wolverine on speed in a fight he can bring down opponents epically larger than himself.

Grendelstomp Heartbreaker

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