Mercy Everdawn

Headstrong Princess of Geoff


Age: 17
Height: 5’6
Weight: 132
Eyes: Gold
Hair: Blonde
Skin: Pale
Ethnicity: Flan
Class: Fighter
Worships: Pelor
Homeland: Geoff
Alingment: Lg (C tendencies)


VbbvvvttrtPrincess Mercy Everdawn is a handful. She believes in two things: Justice and not waiting around for it. She does not move beyond the law but she will do her best, her aggressive best, to make sure that justice moves swiftly and accurately.

Mercy is currently on the tour of the Flanaess with the Sanders family as well as Prince Owen and Princess Millicent. Sir Trask is occasionally at his wits end attempting to restrain her when she sees any evil afoot on their trip. He constantly reminds her that she is a princess of Geoff and that she must tread carefully about being the law in a country when you are there on a diplomatic mission.

It was precisely this reason King Llewellyn wanted her to go on this trip. She needed to see the countries of the Flanaess and understand that evil exists and there are many ways…not just one, to combat it.

She fights with sword, punch grip dagger and pistols. But she will wade into a fight with any means at her disposal. She has a keen mind that she has underdeveloped in her passion to solve everything aggressively. Her parents hope that this trip will challenge that part of her.

For her part, she constantly points out that 350 years ago if three princesses of Geoff would not have become involved in the affairs of other countries; Vecna would still live. Sir Trask, and her tutor Lady Elindia, point out that this is far from the entire story, and she knows it.

As a princess of Geoff Mercy holds one of the crown jewels,the Amethyst; sacred to Allitur

Mercy Everdawn

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