Millicent Everdawn

Summoner Princess of Geoff


Age: 15
Height: 5’4
Weight: 122
Eyes: Gold
Hair: brown
Skin: Olive
Ethnicity: Flan
Class: Summoner
Worships: Pelor
Homeland: Geoff
Alingment: Lg


JjyjMillicent is the soul of responsibility and honor. She knows the world can be hard but she believes in Geoff as a beacon in dark times and a symbol in others. Born as a summoner she has always been close to her Eidolon: An Otherworldly Griffon. This was taken as a symbol by many concerning how devoted to Geoff she would be. And it has indeed turned out that way.

She loves the history of her people and sees for them a leading place in the world. The people of Geoff love all the royals but they tend to notice Mercy far more than her sister. After all, a swashbuckling, daredevil, justice loving princess is far more noticeable than the quiet summoner who always makes sure things go off the right way.

One day at dinner their father asked them if they had a battle cry what would it be. He seemed to attach great weight to the question. Mercy said “for Justice!” Owen said, “For Truth.” Millicent said, “For Geoff.”


The King has always said those answers will tell someone everything about his children’s strengths and weaknesses.

As a princess of Geoff Millicent holds one of the crown jewels, the Sapphire; scared to Berei

Her Griffon, Valiant, is loyal to a fault. He will defend all members of the royal family and is considered by the three children to be almost a sibling. Millicent has trained with him for combat but dreads the idea of him being hurt. This has worried the beast. He fears that she will hesitate to call him in the most dangerous situations.

Millicent Everdawn

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