Sir Trask Sanders

Knight of Geoff



Age: 31
Height: 6’2
Weight: 185
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Sandy blonde
Skin: Ruddy
Ethnicity: Flan
Class: Monk Knight
Day Job: Weaponsmith
Worships: Pelor
Weapons: Shield
Homeland: Geoff
Alignment: NG


Trask is the latest in a long line of Knights of the Griffon. His family has served Geoff for 10,000 years and has counted a member of the Knights for the last 3,000 recorded years. Trask practices the monastic fighting style codified by his ancestor Sir Christopher Sanders, it uses hands and feet but also shield and immovable rod. He is proficient with all martial weapons and also uses a sword when he needs to.

Trask is a loving husband and father but his girls exasperate him and much as they make him happy. They are brilliant but curious and he foresees bailing them out of much trouble before they can see the dangers of life.

Currently Sir Trask and his family are on a tour of the Flanaess, visiting each country as part of a diplomatic mission from Geoff to try to calm the tensions between Elves and humans.

He finds it odd that King Llewellyn has chosen to employ, along with sending one of the Airships of Geoff…a privateer vessel in the employ of Zagyg Yagrain.

Sir Trask Sanders

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