Taylor Dawnshroud

Garment Sage


Age: 17
Height: 5’6
Weight: 130
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Gray
Skin: Olive
Ethnicity: Flan
Class: Prismatic Mage/Garment Sage
Worships: Pelor
Homeland: Realm of Greyhawk


Journey. game .full.1267356Taylor is the youngest of the Dawnshrouds and it shows in some things but not all. Although very quiet unless he needs to be, his family insists he is the prankster of the clan. he is a thoughtful and serious young man who knows the beauty and value of history, from the heroes to aspire to be and the tragedy to be avoided.

For a Flan the ancient is always present so the family connection to the Dawnshrouds in the Party Of Woe and the Heroes of The Codex was part of the rotation of stories at bedtime and whenever else stories were told. Which in a Flan household that respects the ancient ways…is often.

His parents would often take them across the desert and teach them about the ancient Flan civilizations in both the Bright Desert and Geoff. There were also several trips to the Baklunish and Elven lands since they believe that no part of your heritage, no matter how small should be ignored.

He makes his living as a desert tour guide for the Bright Desert but also any desert climate. He is often hired to show adventures to lost cities. He knows the ancient songs of the Flan and Garment sages so in a few notes and glowing symbols he can talk directly to the heart of someone. This does not always work perfectly until he gets to know a person and his brother Spencer can translate.

Spencer accompanies him on many jobs and trips and the two also work celebrations and fairs and other things to preserve Flan heritage…with Spencer telling stories and Taylor providing special effects and his own tales in music, color, sound and moving sand and fabric.Journey ps3 game

They have visited their Elven relatives at times and Isteleran Valenthae has a great fondness for Taylor since he reminds him a little of his son Thazen Valenthae, the husband of Loreli Dawnshroud. When they visit their Elven relatives they use their elven name Valenthae even thought they use the human name Dawnshroud at other times.

Taylor knows the lessons of the fall of the Flan of the Bright Desert may be a lesson this age needs to learn as they move forward to the new technology. He feels he will be spending a great deal of time in the next few years unearthing things that may indeed save the world. He finds that daunting but can not keep the smile off his face at the same time. It is an amazing time to bring the old ways back to life.

Taylor Dawnshroud

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