The Fog Man


Age: ??
Height: ??
Weight: ??
Eyes: ??
Hair: ??
Skin: ??
Ethnicity: ??
Class: ??
Worships: ??
Weapons: Knives
Homeland: ??
Alignment: ??


BnThe new age had brought fogs to the streets of many large cities. Fog is not the perfect word…it is magical and natural smoke that hangs in the air at times and manifests as a quasi magical fog.

But in the fog in almost all of the cities of Oerth where it happens, is the fog man. Like fog, the term man is not entirely accurate. No one knows where he comes from or why he kills. But the Fog Man; no matter if he is man, demon, living fog or monster, he seems to be able to move across the continent in one night.

Some think he is an urban myth, but the Fog Man is all too real. If someone took the time to look at all of the victims, a lesson could be learned. Of course whoever tries should be careful walking in the fog.

The Fog Man

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