The Puppet Maker

Mysterious being who can make automated duplicates of people


No one knows what the Puppet Maker looks like. Sometimes criminals seek his services…that is, those few who even believe he exists.


The puppet maker is held to be a myth by some, but he is dreadfully real. He can create fabricated duplicates of people who can replace them. He can also create fabrications that are not duplicates but look like real beings and act like them as well. His creations are convincing but soulless.

Disturbingly, he can even create elves and dwarves that others of their kind can not discern are creations.

What his goals are, no one can say. But his name has been spoken often lately as he sells some of his lesser services to the criminal element more and more often. It seems he is gathering funds for some grand endeavor.

The Puppet Maker

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