Travain Travesty Maker

Gnome Cleric of Gelf Darkhearth


Age: 172
Weight: 65
Eyes: Changes
Hair: Changes
Skin: Thin
Ethnicity: Gnome
Class: Cleric/Mage
Profession: Gemcutter
Worships: Gelf Darkhearth
Weapons: Poison, Crossbow, Magic
Homeland: Stark Mounds
Alignment: CE


GrgrrrTravain was never right. He was never like other gnomes. He felt the presence of Garl like a painful burning inside of him. He insisted to his parents Garl did not make him. When they would ask who did then he would say he would find out.

Eventually he settled on the idea that it was the dark and evil twin of Garl, Gelf Darkhearth. Most gnomes do not believe such a being even exists. But they are wrong..he does. And maybe he did make Travain and others, like a cuckoo laying eggs in the gnome race itself for some eventual uprising.

No crime or twisted cause is too base or Travain, but he has one goal and one goal alone…tear down everything that the gnomes represent and lead them to their true father.

The other races may scorn and laugh at this small thing and his grand desires. But Travain is a genius of the highest magnitude. And his plans are sponsored by something dark and ancient.

Travain Travesty Maker

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