Campaign of the Month: January 2014

Greyhawk 937 CY: The Age of Steam

The Copper Automaton

Coldeven 2, 937 CY

Dear Dad,
Zief is so exciting! I bought some neat plant extracts at the market (they call it a bazaar!), so that’s why this letter is in a package. I thought you’d like to have some to experiment with. Everyone has been really nice so far and so colorful. They really like splashy fabrics here, and I think I’ll see if I can afford to pick up some cloth while I’m here to make a new dress. It seems like I’m going to go to places where I need to dress a little fancy. We got invited to dinner at the Sultan’s palace, after all, and one of his daughters is escorting us around.

Lady Satoshi found out about a copper automaton owned by a merchant here. I also learned that mechanical people that can haggle are apparently really well thought of here. I bet Bannik would be very popular since he owns a shop in Greyhawk City. The automaton and the merchant’s daughter had disappeared! She brought all of us together to help her figure out what was going on. We discovered that the girl’s fiance was actually a Rakshasa in disguise who was after a black phoenix egg that the family was offering as part of the dowry. It was all pretty crazy! And Lady Satoshi knows A LOT about Rakshasas.

It turns out that the Rakshasa had been making shapeshifting potions (I got the formula!) and having his loyal servants disguise themselves as different members of the fiance’s supposed family. The princess told us it was okay to break into his house (Marcy was really good at it), and we found a huuuuuge library that magically folds up into a suitcase. How cool! So we took it since it seemed like it might help Lady Satoshi figure out how to save her sister. We also learned that there’s a family of Rakshasas who have some kind of super creepy bet to find out which one can get the nicest dowry gift for marrying a girl. These guys are jerks!

In the end I got to drug a camel! Except it wasn’t actually the merchant’s camel, but the Rakshasa in disguise. So I guess it’s fairer to say that I got to drug the Rakshasa. Anyway, the merchant was very grateful and now his daughter can come home! We never did get to meet the automaton, which made me sad. I really wanted to see him…

Tonight we get to have dinner in the palace, so I promise I’ll be on my best behavior. I wonder what the Sultan is like. His daughter has been incredibly nice, so I bet he’s nice too. We haven’t even gotten to go search for the chess pieces yet, and it’s already been an incredible adventure!



Davidnic madartiste

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