Campaign of the Month: January 2014

Greyhawk 937 CY: The Age of Steam

Vayne Resurrection

Readying 15th 937CY

I knew that there would be disturbance on the train. It was guaranteed. I was not expecting a supposedly dead Teivryn Vayne to use it as his personal notice to the Greyhawk City that he was still alive. And while his appearance has, so far, been suppressed, I ran into a situation that could be even worse: Addie didn’t know that Teivryn was her uncle. Her father was a good man, but he should have been way more forth coming with information about her family.

Back in Greyhawk City, I crunched the numbers on the final cost of the train vs. overland shipping with the accountants. They equal out, but that’s only because the train is new. Once the train has run long enough, the price to ship will drop, and so will the price for goods.

“Heart of the City” revealed his connection to all things Greyhawk by teleporting Amelia and me to the City Watch while in the middle of a conversation with Gavin. There I learned that Teivryn is likely working with a dragon. After Addie talked to the guild of messengers, a few of us took a jaunt into the sewers following the latest in a series of unusual packages and found a nest of Teivryn’s experiments. Once the Watch gets through with what they found, I’ll read the report Chalk hates giving my father.

After the sudden teleport and the ramping up of Teivryn’s involvement, Gavin moved me off the supply chain so I can concentrate on whatever Zagyg wants his little band of merry men to do.



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