Amaidar Family

Amaidar Family

A Suel family of mages. If it makes you feel a certain way and can be put into your body it was made, handled, commissioned or created by the Amaidar family. They are the druglords of the Flanaess. Their ties to the Scarlet Brotherhood let them import exotic plants and drugs from and export them too…all over Oerth. They have a small hand in prostitution but do not want to interfere in the Gasgal or Dronik concerns too much. Although many of those who work in the houses of the Dronik would love if the Amaidar were involved more. Anything is better than working for the Dronik. They have been the particular project of the Hand of Chance recently and are in a level of disarray that is making them consider going to the Al’ Dani. The Al’ Dani are the best at hiring and finding assassins and perhaps they cold find someone who could take care of the Hand.

Vellifrena Nightsound

drow_portrait_by_carriebest-d5e2gxv.jpgThe biggest secret of the Amaidar family is that it is not run by an Amaidar. It is run by a former priestess of Lloth who decided that she would live a life surrounded by the finer things. She was enraged when Lloth failed over 300 years ago and reverted to her previous form.

Disgusted she stumbled on a small Suel family involved in the drug trade into Greyhawk city. Augmenting their own magical skill with her knowledge of drugs, herbs, poisons and fungus; she began to bring the family into more dominance. She was still irate that drow males were roaming the land, joining society and being treated as equals. Still she needed a way to ascend higher into power.

She seduced the leader of the family after a century or more in their service and after having a son with him, decided that he should die for his genetic failure in not giving her a daughter. Keeping the child in order to leverage him in the power structure of the family, she brutally subjugated the contenders for leadership.

For 120 years now she has ruled the family, using her son Jonas as enforcer and pawn. But recently things are crumbling. The vigilante, The Hand of Chance has harried her operations. Her underlings seem unable to stop it. Soon she plans to handle it in person. No one disrespects her in this fashion.

Jonas Amaidar
scaryguy.jpgJonas is a half drow and is deeply devoted to his mother. She has used every trick of the old ways to break his will and is assured of his deepest devotion. At least she believes so. And, to be fair, so does he. But Jonas has a flaw. At heart he is actually not a bad person.

He does horrible things at his mother’s behest. But lately they have bothered him. He hears a song in his head. He hears the voices of the elven gods. He feels the resonance of unity with a creator. And it is slowly driving him either to goodness or madness. He has no idea what one.

Cynthia Amaidar

j0pEVFiRNkxcA.jpgCynthia is the marketing end of the business. She can sell anything, convince people of anything. Some say the brilliance of the old Suel resides in her, and they mean it as a compliment. To her the art of the deal means everything. Getting a profit, tricking people or achieving the impossible drives her forward like no other set of goals could.

She would love to have the family back in the hands of actual family. But until then she has a bucket list of people to trick, swindle, seduce and manipulate. Deeply devoted to the goddess of lies, Syrull, she loves her life.

Bernice Amaidar

pearl_by_anndr-d41t80n.jpgBernice is not involved with her family. Her brothers and sisters can have their illegal life. She is a cleric of Leara and seeks only to help people in transitions in their life and minister to them in death.

She hides her family ties whenever she can. But the fact that a drow has enslaved her family weighs heavily on her. She is, after all, an Amaidar. And to be held essentially as slaves does not sit well. She wants to save her family but, at the same time knows that they have done so much evil with the drug trade that she has no idea where to start.

Evan Amaidar

titus_scarnetti_by_akeiron-d59tmk4.jpgEvan and his twin sister Naressa have a plan. They will get their family back. They have purposely attracted the attention of the Hand of Chance. They have exposed vital family supports. The drow moves slowly… all elven kind do. But the Hand is ruthless. They will watch as she does massive damage and then move to take power back where it belongs. By then assassins will have dispatched the Hand. After all… Naressa and their dear departed mother have killed the last two Hands and framed the Al’ Dani for doing it on contract from the Amaidar. It helped to have the Hand invested in the pursuit of the family.

Naressa Amaidar

PZO8500-Emissary.jpgNaressa is a murderer, an assassin almost without peer. She, and her mother before her, have killed the last two Hands of Chance, simply to set up the fall of the vile drow Villifrena. She kills for the thrill of the hunt and the joy of the act. She worries about this current Hand. She seems wiser than the last two, and a better fighter. But there is something tactically that makes her a challenge. She is not afraid, but she is cautious.

She and her brother will bring down the web that Villifrena has build and squash the spider at the center. At the same time they will rid the city of another Hand of Chance. She rarely uses magic, preferring to use her own skill.

Amaidar Family

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