Bahamut's Might

Bahamut’s Might


The first Steam Train in the Flanaess. Created by the Free City of Greyhawk and the Empire of the Flan centered in Geoff; it is slated for its first run from Gorna to Greyhawk city.

Heavily financed by crown of Geoff and Church of Zilchus it was designed by some of the greatest minds in the Flanaess. The main driving force has been the young Prince Owen Everdawn; who worked with the mages guilds of Geoff and Greyhawk to refine his initial concept.

The train is manned by a staff that has trained for two years in order to prepare for any problem. The chief engineer is a cleric of Ranet, Meredith Stephans, who is one of the few people capable of fixing the train in a pinch.

Bahamut's Might

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