Dronik Family

The Dronik Family

If it victimizes people, the Dronik family is at the middle of it. The undisputed lords of prostitution in the city they also have a robust gambling and illegal goods trade. But their true interests in taking dignity away from people for their own profit. They are good hired murderers but not as subtle as the Al’ Dani. The Dronik are the most evil of the families. They worship devils and demons and also supply sacrificial victims to cults. They worked closely with the mythical Teivryn Vayne in helping him find victims for his unholy experiments.

Sebastian Dronik
declan_by_sharandula-d51e0c6.pngSebastian became the head of the Dronik family through patricide. Which, even given the vile nature of their business, is not all that common in their history. But Sebastian is exceptional. He sacrificed his father Salvadore, body and soul, for power. For centuries the Dronik family has worshiped demons and devils. Which faction of the family was in power decided the direction and attitude of the clan. The rule is, whoever is in power is followed loyally. There is a second in command who then deals with the other side.

Sebastian consorts with Devils, the first lawful Dronik in decades, his plans for the family are vast. He handles the infernal pacts. His sister Melinda keeps the demonic pacts. The meticulous balance and record keeping between the two ends is done by the family “Reconciler” their brother Gunther.

Sebastian has recently renewed the dangerous deals the family once had with Teivryn Vayne. Melinda is curious at how he can work with the man, she would have an easier time of it. But Sebastian seems so put together. It is hard to envision him dealing with Vayne. She correctly assumes that what the family is getting from it must be massive.

Sebastian is tired of the image of the Dronik clan as thugish. True they purposely employ that mentality at the lowest levels. But his plans strike at the highest authority in Greyhawk City, both in crime and government. If it works…the face of the continent will be rewritten.

Melinda Dronik
f1c8d8396c699acc2496506fccee6914-d5rr81f.jpgMelinda revels in magic and chaos. She laments that the lord Mayor seems prone to more just pursuits. She craves power for the chaos it can bring and will sometimes do things totally unexpected in order to just provoke a result. She is cunning and beautiful and an expert in summoning and binding demons. Some say she can out deal any creature in the Abyss.

Melinda serves her brother enthusiastically. She believes he is putting epic plans into motion and they can only benefit her in the long run. She has her own plans and wonders how they will effect the overall plans for the family. She wonders…she does not particularly care.

Gunther Dronik

tumblr_mdtp1fd78u1rdy3s5o1_500.jpgThe position of “Reconciler” in the Dronik family is never gained by power or manipulation. The child is born with the mark that indicates the office and the current reconciler trains them. If it were not for this position the whole family would collapse on itself. The reconciler balances and keeps track of all the deals in the family. He or she is totally neutral and can never be retaliated against by other members of the family.

All pacts must be submitted to the reconciler, who checks for conflicts and what bearing they have on the overall direction of the family. He can approve, reject or request any pact. Many times a member of the family has been ordered to perform a service for a demon or devil in order to balance scales they did not unbalance. That decision comes from the reconciler; who meets with the head of the family and the second and plans the future. Only the reconciler knows all the deals that exist. Although the family head is privy to almost all of them. The reconciler takes a strict oath to keep the confidence of any family members plotting against any others as long as the plans do not endanger the family in the future.

This position is currently held by Gunther Dronik, one of the six children who run the family. Gunther was born with the mark and has proved himself the most skilled reconciler in the history of the family. He maintains the pacts and foresees the ways to tweak them to the best interests of the family. He knows both Sebastian’s plan and Melinda’s.. Either could elevate the family to greatness. And both sides of the family patron structure have agreed to abide by the outcome. He finds it humorous that neither sibling realizes they are competing on behalf of greater powers.

Gunther forgets nothing and is almost always two steps ahead of his opponents. He is respectful of the Sevestrian family and holds the next Gavin as one of the few worthy intellectual opponents in the city. In local chess torunaments he has come close to beating him but lost to the Sevestrian every time. He steers the family’s legal and illegal interests far from the Sevestrians, the Circle of Eight , The Hand of Chance and Chalk’s people. He find those four threats to be the only ones that take special preparation to deal with. He knows more about each of them than they would be comfortable with, but also worries what is coming of Zagyg’s new intervention in the city.

Felicia Dronik

tumblr_inline_mgc54yse8k1rnp9q5.jpgShe gives little mind to the high plans of her family. She is the only one who has never dealt with demons or devils. Her interests have been strictly focused on one thing: The Sword. Felicia heads warehouse security and caravan security for the family. But she has never felt right with her brothers or sisters.

Even as a young child she was more martial. The favorite of her father, she was allowed to not be as interested in the family business. Instead she learned swordplay. She won competition after competition and is currently considered one of the three best swords in Greyhawk City. She is a contender for gold at the upcoming games.

Xavier Dronik

tumblr_m96s7y98mD1rdy3s5o1_500.jpgXavier handles the gambling and illegal goods end of the family business. He is by far the best mage in the family. He makes it a point of pride that he has never bargained for magical power with the patrons of the family. His skill is his own and he owes it to no one. He prefers to bind rather than make deals, but he has made deals in the past as long as he gets the greatest benefit.

Outgoing and charismatic, Xavier is the public face of the family with the suppliers and their related gangs. He deals with the low grade help and the higher grade help and makes sure the products… from black market goods to illegal drugs, keep flowing.

Penelope Dronik
tumblr_mm47hs048g1qbe5v5o1_500.pngUntil he died, old Salvadore was in charge of the whole family but took particular interests in running the cash cow of the family: Prostitution. Indeed old Salvadore took an enthusiastic and personal interest in it. Most would say, enthusiastic, personal and cruel.

There was no weeping among the help in the street and brothels when he died. They felt that maybe a better day was coming with Penelope in charge of that aspect of the business. That hope died quickly.

Easily the most selfish of the children, Penelope feels all things exist to serve her. She sees the workers as not human like her. After all they are street women. They are property. Property you sometimes have to break in order to keep the rest in line. She has no problem breaking other people’s toys, in particular when she owns them.

She rules the business with ruthless efficiency. True, many girls have fled to the few other choices for employment in the field. But she is ready to deal with that. Those who do not know what she really is like view her as one of the aristocratic elite of the city business people. They would never suspect she is a selfish monster who prefers to kill her enemies herself rather than through minions and believes that the whole city exists for her desires alone.

She is angered by rival independent entities who are edging in on her business and treating those who should be property as if they have dignity. It is on her agenda to eliminate these nuisances soon.

Dronik Family

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