People of The Circus of Days

The People of The Circus of Days

Nektis and Telkateem

GeofBbggAn Great Wyrm Gold Dragon and a great Wyrm Red Dragon, they are the representatives of Bahmut and Tiamat the Circus. Both Cleric/Mage, Nektis and her brother Telkateem were born in the first days of the world and later sent to the circus when it was created.

In any real way they run the circus but seldom exert their influences. A set of rules that only Dragons understand govern what they can and can not do.

At the present moment Telkateem is far more powerful than Nektis, because the balance between the dragon parents is skewed. Although Telkateem does not regret this state of affairs it does trouble him to a small degree. They are supposed to be in balance, countering each other. But if he made any serious push at the moment he could easily destroy his sister. This troubles him. Although Nektis is weaker at the moment, she is weak only in the way one tornado may be called weak in comparison to a larger one.

The ringmaster is appointed by the dominate dragon or by agreement if they are equal in power. As such the level of good or evil of the circus can be judged by the nature of the ringmaster. Currently Telkateem has appointed Travain Travesty Maker as the ring master.

Travain Travesty Maker

Travain was never right. He was never like other gnomes. He felt the presence of Garl like a painful burning inside of him. He insisted to his parents Garl did not make him. When they would ask who did then he would say he would find out.

Eventually he settled on the idea that it was the dark and evil twin of Garl, Gelf Darkhearth. Most gnomes do not believe such a being even exists. But they are wrong..he does. And maybe he did make Travain and others, like a cuckoo laying eggs in the gnome race itself for some eventual uprising.

No crime or twisted cause is too base or Travain, but he has one goal and one goal aloneā€¦tear down everything that the gnomes represent and lead them to their true father.

The other races may scorn and laugh at this small thing and his grand desires. But Travain is a genius of the highest magnitude. And his plans are sponsored by something dark and ancient.


A tasked Ifrit who was bound to the circus by Telkateem over five hundred years ago. He put her in charge of music in the circus. She resented her situation at first but over the years she came to enjoy her role. Music can uplift and destroy…more chaotic than evil Miranda relishes the simple chance of what may happen.

Resigned to the fact that she is bound for a very long time she passes that time by examining and influencing the lives of those who enter the circus. A master of divination and emotion control she picks the most interesting patrons and uses her music to bring out the best and worst in them and watches from a distance over the weeks that follow to see what happens.

At this point it is debatable if Miranda would leave if she could. She has not yet exhausted the amusement of her location and has an infinity to while away the time watching joy and horror from her actions.

Douglas Baker
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Douglas is relatively new to the circus. He is in charge of security and has been given special abilities by the dragons. He is good at heart and will defend Nektis to the death. He has a sense of honor that binds him to serve the circus as a concept but could be persuaded to try to move good over evil. This is particularly true at the moment when things are so out of wack.

A young knight of the Shield Lands Douglas was dying after a battle with a hoard of Orcs when the circus rolled over him. He was brought before the two dragons and told that he could be saved and live for much longer if her served them. At first he refused and was given a week to decide as he traveled with the circus.

During that week Dorik the werebear showed him how much good the Circus could do. And how only within cold the evil be mitigated. At the end of the week he accepted the offer from the Dragons.

A fighter of exceptional skill he has also been given various powers that help him secure the Circus and defend it when needed.

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He is one of the Ancient Flan. Older than anyone in the Circus except the Dragons, Dorik is its most active force for good. He knows the connections the circus has to the ancient worship of the Dragon mother and tries his best to keep it at bay. He remembers being personally chosen by Bahamut to join the circus and realizes that gives him a level of immunity to tip the scales for good.

He is the strongman of the Circus and tries to keep everyone’s spirits light and happy. A joker and a warrior he is especially protective of children. The upper limits of his strength and magic (he is a shaman dedicated to Beory) have not been tested. But he feels as if that day is coming.

The circus has never been out of balance this badly. It has also never been out of balance so long. Every day it is a trial to do good, and Dorik is very old and feeling every year of his age as the place he calls home grows darker. He keeps a happy face for those who depend on him, but inside he wonders if he can win this fight.

Harold The Grey

BtbtbHe was called the Grey long before he was old. This was because young Harold was always having trouble telling good from evil. An Oerdian noble, he wished for magical power beyond all others. Since almost every other Oerdian noble was looking for this he found it hard to do. Eventually Harold found out about the Circus and hatched a plan.

He sold his soul to both a demon and a devil, gaining favors from each. Then he ran and offer his services to the dragons before the two outsiders realized they owned the same soul.

Welcomed by the cult of Tiamat, Harold is known as a man of no morals who will do anything required for power or prestige. The cult whispers he might have tricked both the beings that bought his soul. Because how can you buy something that may have never existed.


FefeggThe current leader of the cult of Tiamat at the Circus, Zeldrez is sometimes thought of as the one male drow to lament the end of Loth’s rule. This makes him, possibly the most insane drow male of all time. After the fall of Loth he roamed the underdark cursing the heroes of the key. In the centuries now that she has awoken and resumed her mantle of good with the other elven gods, he fells betrayal.

Two hundred years ago he became part of the Circus. He rose through the ranks of the cult and assumed leadership under Telkteem, the true leader in name. But Zeldrez is the day to day leader and he excels at it.

When confused member wonder aloud how a drow male could head such a cult, he tells them that he has always needed the firm hand of an uncaring and capricious mother.

People of The Circus of Days

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