The Al' Dani Family

Al’ Dani Family

Rahiq Al’ Dani


Matriarch of the Al’ Dani family, Rahiq was married to her cousin to preserve the family blood. She always found him, although he was to be head of the family, to be weak. She feared that weakness would be transmitted to her sons. She did not worry about her daughters, she would train them. But she feared that her son Abrim was weak. That he had compassion for those not of the family. So she set up a test for her two sons.

While Abrim was admired and feared she saw that he tended to favor children. She created a false job to hijack a caravan and destroy a shipment of life saving medicine being sent to an orphanage. She gave the job to her two sons and a group of the most loyal men; with the nature of the task not to be revealed until they arrived at the ambush spot.

Abrim refused to do the job and his brother Nasih stabbed him in the back and buried him in the desert. He then carried out the task and became heir to the leadership of the family.

Once a retainer said that Rahiq was possibly the most evil woman in the world. Rahiq had her tortured to death and told her that she did not kill her own son to be spoken of in half measures.

She has long resented the Sevestrian influence in trade on her side of the world. And she bristles at how her family is secondary to them in Greyhawk City. She is planning of taking the family core on a trip to Greyhawk City to become more active for a time. The vipers who oppose her need to be taught a lesson in their own home. She knows about their family and knows the legends. But she has her own patrons and gods.

Karida Al’ Dani


Middle child and the closest to her mothers’ temperament in some ways, Karida is far more unstable. She is, if truth be told, a Sociopath. All that kept her in check was how much she loved her brother Abrim. With him dead and dishonored she is slipping further and further into madness. Until she completes her journey into it, she is brilliant and ruthless. Her mother even dotes on her. In return Karida has sworn an oath to kill her for murdering her brother. She believes her beloved Abrim was falsely accused of his humanity and will not believe a word about his kind nature.

Nasih Al’ Dani


Second oldest son and next in line to be head of the family after the death of the oldest son Abrim. And by death it means after Nasih’s dagger ventilated his organs. Nasih always knew he was a lesser man than his brother but firmly believed he was a better Al’ Dani. Nasih is crafty and cruel but lacks the long range wisdom of his mother or dead brother.

Still he will make a capable family head, his young son Kalib is far more promising and the apple of his grandmother’s eye. Nasih exploits this constantly. He is currently in charge of supply routs and has not told his mother of recent problems on the caravan route. He plans to investigate personally.

Jauni Al’ Dani


Youngest child, Jauni is a Sha’ir mage and illusionist who enjoys deception and seduction as weapons. She always seeks her mothers love and approval and will go to any lengths to get it. She knows that her sister is slipping into madness. how could she not. The poison Jauni has given her for years guarantees it. She saw that her sister and oldest brother were weak like their father. She saw that she was the true image of her mother, only more and greater. She will one day rule the family. She will bring it to greater glory. She can control Genies, she will control the family.

Abrim Al’ Dani


The child no one speaks of anymore. The one who betrayed his family and was killed according to their rules. Better he was never born, lucky he is dead. Abrim would argue differently. He would argue it is the family who has betrayed the family. They have traded an ancient and proud heritage for the privilege of being vermin. They have handed over the glory of service to the light to be in the shadows. Of course, he did not always feel that way. Once he was a proud Al’ Dani.

Abrim was next in line to head the family. He was feared as one of the more ruthless of his blood. Also one of the most cunning. He would and did kill anyone and anything and his plans were vast and brilliant. But he would not kill children. His mother guessed this perceived weakness and put him to a test he failed. It was then his brother betrayed and tried to kill him.

He was buried in the desert and clawed his way out of the grave. But what came out of the desert a month later was not the same man. What came out was a man whose heart had changed. He had repented. He had seen visions of the greatness of thousands of years ago when his family served the light.

So now, Abrim Al’ Dani…handpicked Paladin of Dorgha Torgu, god of outcasts, elements, dimensions and redemption…seeks to bring his family to justice. He has assembled a band of dervishes and harasses Al’ Dani Caravans. Wearing a mask to avoid anyone in the family knowing who he is, he has caused some concern.

At the last destruction and robbery of a caravan he let a message addressed to his brother: “We have no fate but the fate we are given”

Half warning, half apology..things are about to become interesting for the entire Al’ Dani family.



Tasked Genie servitor of the family. She is the planner and administrator for the tasks assigned to the family. She remembers everything and knows all the chances for failure and success. She feels neither love or hate for her masters. She respects competence and skill over all things. Jauni bound her to the family with some interesting exceptions to her loyalty. Selvi wonders what plans the child has. It is an interesting way to while away some time. She heads the Greyhawk City operations.

The Al' Dani Family

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