The Circus of Days

The Circus of Days

Come one come all…to a blend of the ancient and new. Where the memories of your long forgotten ancestors exist side by side with your children’s daring hopes for tomorrow. Come see contortions, bi-locations, costumes and customs of times long forgotten and times yet undreamt, monsters, men, aberrations, abominations, the cunning, the callous, the caring, the humorous, the horrifying, the humble…and the proud. Come see things you never thought you’d see. Come see things you wished to see. Come see things you prayed to never see. Come one come all to the Circus of Days…days gone by and days yet to come.

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The Circus of Days provide thrilling and unique entertainment to all classes of people but is mainly a destination for the common folk who see it as affordable and interesting. The Circus provides exactly what it claims to provide: Entertainment, food and fun from ancient days to the innovations of the future.

There are animals, inventions and diversions aplenty. It is a day of amusement, edification and wonder.

It is also the heart of an Ancient cult of Tiamat, who is working with the evil gnome god Gelf Darkheart on plans that have long been in motion.

But it is also the seat of an ancient cult devoted to Bahamut the Platinum Dragon. When he is dominant it is a true place of marvel and wonder.

It is, in truth, part of the reflection of the balance of the Dragon Gods. Normally it sits in balance, being neither good nor evil but spreading both the wonder and fear that defines the relationship between Dragons and all other life. But if the Dragon parents are out of balance it can skew to be good or evil. People do not usually remember the circus, it is a protection that has kept if moving for so long. But they do live out the influences of being touched by it. Some of the wise say the greatest rises and falls of heroes in history might be traced to a night spent at the Circus.

At the moment the dominance of Tiamat is almost complete, and the elements of Bahamut in the circus fear that soon they all will be absorbed into something unspeakable.

The Circus of Days

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